As some of you are aware, the next version of Minecraft came out yesterday. We were under the impression that CraftBukkit, the modification hook system we use, would be updated at the same time. However this has not been the case, and our server will be remaining at 1.4.7 until CraftBukikit releases their update.

In the meantime, if you wish to access the server you’ll need to keep hitting ‘do not update’ until we can announce we have updated the server. If you have already upgraded your client, we suggest you take a look at this thread for advice on how to downgrade your client.

We hope you’ll have patience while we wait for the new CraftBukkit to come out, since as yet we do not have any kind of ETA on when it will be ready. Best guess is by Monday 18th March, but that is the roughest possible estimate. Keep an eye on the website or our facebook page for more news.