This is a casual game by Mobage, available for free through the Google Play Market. It’s an eight-bit style game where the goal is to travel through the various stages of the map and use your set of nine fighters to battle evil robotic invaders, and save the spiritual land of Texel. The game describes it’s self as an RPG but I have found it to be more like a trading card game.

Gameplay is very simple: you chose an area of the map, and then a stage. You ‘travel’ through the stage and fight the bad guys, collecting experience, tex coins and gems along the way. In each battle, you have the choice of selecting three of your nine fighters at a time by swiping across the grid in horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines. You only ever fight three bad guys at a time, with the exception of the Boss fights. These occur after every third stage, and predictably enough you face down a lone super-tough bad guy. Each boss battle takes away a Nux Block, which you can get as prizes to use if you don’t have enough, but will regenerate on their own after a while. The same goes for energy used in traversing the stages; while it does regenerate after a while, you can use eight-bitter plants to give you more energy to continue. These are also given as prizes for completing stages.

With regard to the trading card style of the game, as you fight your way across the map, you gather gems called Pixite and Voxite (and occasionally Smithite). These gems can be used to generate more fighters, with Pixite creating lower-level fighters than Voxite. Smithite is used to generate a single type of fighter, usually based on an event that is happening in game.

With your newly built fighters, you can then fuse them together to create more powerful fighters. Fusing together fighters of the same type is called Self Fusing, and doing this six times will result in the fighters evolving into a more powerful version of it.

Power-ups only come in the form of fusing fighters together, however you still have access to items that heal (duct tape), resurrect (G.L.U.), as well as the Eight-Bitter Plant and Nux Blocks. Mentioned above.

White it is a simple game at heart, this leads to it being very easy to pick up and very hard to put down again. My only complaint is it is very battery and network intensive. You need to have full 3G signal for it to not have connection issues.

rating 4 out of 5 Dru points

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