Firstly, a quick word on the new update: As you may known there has been a patch released for MineCraft, 1.5.2, that breaks connecting to servers of older versions. Unfortunately there isn’t yet a CrafBukkit release for this patch (CraftBukkit being the mod API we use to keep building’s safe ect), so for the time being we’ll be keeping the main server as 1.5.1, while the other two (see below) are both updated to 1.5.2. However, if you have updated don’t worry! Mojang have released a beta version of the new MineCraft launcher (which can be found here). This allows you to up- and down- grade your client to your hearts’ content and allow you to play on all of our servers.

Secondly, it’s taken us a wee while, but finally we have a couple of new servers for you to try out!

The first is sponsored by our lovely new partner, C-Ops Game Hosts and is a creative server. It’s set in super-flat mode with auto-generate structures switched off so you can build to your little hearts’ content. As yet, it doesn’t link to either of the other servers, but we’ll be working on that soon. In the mean time you can access it by going to in your MC client.

The second is more of an experiment: I’ve opened up my personal server and set it to not only be on the hardest difficulty, but be in hardcore mode as well. It’s completely vanilla; no mod, no admin help – you’re all on your own. You’re welcome to try your luck, but I warn you; it’s not for the faint hearted, as the moment you die, you’ll be banned forever. You can access it by going to

We hope you enjoy the new servers!

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