Another in our series of interviews where we delve into the minds of our staff and bring back the answers to give you, our listeners, a better idea of what makes the station tick.

Who are you and what is your title?
Darkelink, presenter. Take a business card…

What do you do at the station?
Wait, I am expected to do stuff?
I present Initial Install weekly where I talk about PC gaming news and releases from the past week. I also made a tool to help other presenters tag and upload podcasts, so I guess I’m a developer now?

Where did your nick come from?
Back in ye olde days, I had to choose a username for the first site I sign up to. At that time, I was playing through Ocarina of Time and in my infinite child wisdom thought that ‘dark link’ was cool. Fortunately that name was taken, unfortunately all I did to change it was to add an e instead of the space to get the name we all know today. I still think it is a stupid name, but I like constancy so I won’t change it.

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Why not both?

What do you hope for the future of the station?
First off I would like to see us get by while not relying on donations. After that I suppose world domination is not a bad aim. I have already got a plan ready:
Get bus, get blimp, get space station. Fire lasers at enemies from space.

Name one thing you would like to add or change about the station, if you had all the money and time?
More awesome people, also see plan above.

How do you have your potatoes?
Boiled, Mashed, Roast, New, Chips, Crisps, Waffles/ Shaped, Raw, Any way is good

If you could pie anyone in the world without consequence who would it be and why?
According to urbandictionary:
Pie: A word that can be used to answer any question known to man, and can be an excuse if you do not know the answer to the question.
So… pie.

What’s in your fridge right now?
Is that a euphemism?

Sum up what G3 Radio means to you in 5 words or less.
G 3 Ra Di Oh

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