4FW: Kingdom Rising 2013

Hello Ladies and Gents, so if you are just coming to realise that G3 Radio has started to do a Wrestling show, its ok, we forgive. But pretty much between myself and Mr Potz we will be bringing you all the latest and greatest from both WWE and TNA along with side projects such as some of the Indie companies here in the UK and maybe even a few other surprises that we will come to another time, however as for me, on this addition I will be talking about the time I went to Swindon to go see a company known as 4FW

It really was an eye opener for me, both as a person and someone who supports Pro Wrestling. Now, I will warn you here I will get a little bit ‘O.T.T (over the top)’ about some issues but I feel in general that my feelings are represented in a professional and successful way. So please, enjoy reading about my opinions of ‘4FW: Kingdom Rising 2013’

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that was professional and up yours if you don’t think so. Why am I like this? Two main reasons: Kid Kash and Doug Williams. For me, I really started getting into TNA or IMPACT Wrestling as it is now called about two months before the British Invasion of Magnus, Rob Terry and Doug Williams came about. After first I figured these three guys were just a bit of a plot that wasn’t going to go anywhere, and soon enough they broke off into their own thing… oddly enough though, they all stayed in TNA. Which was a good thing… Anyways, I am now going back on myself and I am talking about 4FW.

The show itself is what you would expect from an Indie Wrestling Company. It had a ring, it had seats, it had lighting and it had music. What 4FW bring to the table is actually a very good group of talented and dedicated members in their company. David Sharp should be proud of it, whilst I am unsure if he is the full ‘runner’ of the show, the fact that I saw a dude having a dollar sign cape (in short it was a cape that was a massive dollar) that had his picture and “In David Sharp We Trust” written on it, you could tell the fans really liked him and to be honest – it was praise well earned due to the running of the show.

The first match was one that was in the right place and lasted for about as long as it should have. Whilst I was highly impressed by the finisher it wasn’t all that noticeable but I will give Mastiff a big shout out for managing to pull off some of the agile moves that he did at the end and a huge “Ouch, that’s gotta hurt” for dear Pete Dunne as the finisher would have turned me into a flat pancake for sure. Good match, not great, but good for an opener (got the crowd going that is for sure!)



On to the second match. This one I enjoyed but didn’t at the same time. But also I’m leaning more to the latter due to an after ‘Meet and Greet’ and to be honest, one of the wrestlers was an ass and really (in my opinion) let the company of 4FW down. But that is for later on so let us move onto the match. This was one that had all the makings to be a cracker, some brilliant spots here and there (some guts to do a minute long spot on the apron but was well pulled off) and I truly loved the piledriver spot that was reserved INTO another Pile-driver. My only issue was that it seemed to have one to many spots in it, whilst both wrestlers could wrestle it just felt dragged on for some reason but I truly did enjoy it.  I will give my props to both Eddie Ryan and De Luca (DaLoser as most of the fans where chanting), whilst De Luca could sell very well, Eddie had the agility and the skill to pull of the show to a very good standard.


The third match was one I really did enjoy but also felt a bit gutted for Jason Larusso. I will let you guys on a little secret, I know some of the 4FW crew and Jason is one guy I really got on with, he is a solid worker and can really sell things… But damn this Sha Samuels’ guy hogged a lot of the attention, rightly so I might add, but I wanted Larusso to get on the mic or at least do something other than pure wrestle. The match itself was great and I still have Sha’s mocking tone in my head of him holding the belt whilst Larusso was recovering outside the ring and going “You’ll never get this, la la la la la, you’ll never get this”. .  . Okkkkkay, a Heel doing nursery rhymes as a taught… As ya do! Personally my favourite match of the first half by far, plus I really got myself involved into this one so well done to both wrestlers.


The Interval came, and went and then it came down to the match that (personally) I was ALL about seeing and boy did it not disappoint. Kid Kash & Doug Williams vs Owen Pheonix (No relation to the Hart Foundation boys and girls) and Ultimo Dragon. This match was brilliant, my only HONEST problem was with the outcome, as you might have noticed I am refusing to give away the outcome of each match purely because the actually thing will be available on DVD later in the year. Seriously, if you do one thing right AT ALL, go watch that match because it was a beautiful combination of Heel vs Face and some good spots in general from all four wrestlers.


The Second to last match felt VERY much like a filler and was of course, just that. I have no problems with any of the wrestlers in it… Just… There wasn’t much there, I wasn’t as involved by that part as I had just had possibly witnesses, first hand, a five star match with the tag team battle. But, it was still a good fight and a nice end, though I must admit, watching the 4FW version of Vicki Gurreo was a bit scary at times, though she is a lovely lady in person and even signed my autograph poster and put kisses at the end… HAPPY HATTER!

The final match was a STORMER! Truly worth all the hype and bravado that came with it. Personally that match alone would have sold me and rightfully so it delivered. I wasn’t sure at first since it was X-wwe vs New Blood but it worked and both wrestlers showed me that they belonged in the ring. A few high flying moments that made me feel rather happy in general, because I was hanging on with every moment that I could watch, whilst my WWE knowledge is nowhere near as good as Mr Potz I felt that Shelton was missing out not being with the company.


Afterwards I decided I would spend some of my hard earned money on actually going to meet the stars backstage. I truly loved it but there is one thing that actually pissed me off. Kid Kash. When I first arrived at the arena I had a rather nice chat with some of the fans and got to see what they were looking forward to the most, having little to no knowledge of the story lines I felt it was a good idea, rumour had it that Kid Kash was in fact an arrogant git and to be honest, he proved it to me there and then by his no-show at the final meet and greet. Literally, the dude had left the building before the end-of-show meet and greet… Erm, what? He had also charged people for autographs during the pre-show meet and greet… Erm, WHAT?! Sorry, but I met Kid Kash during part of the show, had a little chat and he seemed like a nice bloke but this put him in a completely different light and it wasn’t one I was happy to see because I thought him a good man. I could understand if it was the Rock or Steve Austin or some-one big, but its kind of felt like Kash was trying to be a big time super-star and ended up just being a super-dick. He had recently slated a promoting company for not honouring an agreement of payment… Hypocrite much Kash?

But still, that is me moving into rant mode and that is not what I want to do. Meeting Doug Williams, Shelton and Ulitmo Dragon was a huge honour to me, but I also enjoyed the fact that the 4FW guys were just as talkative and engaging with myself and the others all apart from one but I don’t want to tarnish reps and I won’t name names purely on the fact that you might be able to work it out from reading the article.

Moving onto my own personal thoughts and rating of the whole thing:

Crowd Interaction: 7 – Whilst it was nice to see a bit of back and forth it did feel very much like it was to a staged audience rather then the real thing, some wrestlers interacted whilst others just said their lines and carried on. But the presenter/Host constantly waving his hand as if that was going to egg us along was annoying

Technical Awareness: 7 – I wasn’t expecting huge pyros or smoke machines and to be honest, when I paid what I did for my ticket I wasn’t expecting anything but everything seemed to work nicely minus the microphone balls up and that.

Wrestling Ability: 9 – I can not really fault the wrestlers with their skill and determination to go all out for the crowd, there were a few noticeable botches on spots but nothing I would complain about enough to merit any lower a score

Lasting Impression: 6 – Whilst I always tell people that one ‘bad apple’ does not spoil the bunch I’m going to be honest, it doesn’t spoil it fucking tarnishes. When people pay that little bit extra to meet the wrestlers you would have thought they would have been nice, polite and generally happy to interact with the fans. The TNA/WWE/New Japan guys were more than happy to, but for some reason, one (and I literally mean one) guy from 4FW had a chip on his shoulder the size of Andrea the Giant and it pissed me off to leave me with a very sour taste in my mouth. But, as I said, its one out of the bunch.

Final bit: If you get a chance, go watch 4FW, they have a lot of good talent and show real promise in the future, the only thing I can possibly think of is just get a better working sound deck, but with the fact that they have some work lined up across the whole of the world it is only a matter of time before they get the break they need.

For further information on 4FW please visit: http://www.4fw-online.com/

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