Another in our weekly spotlight series on things being built on our creative server provided thanks to C-oPs Game Host. This time, we’ve got the spotlight shone directly at Wriga’s big pile of dirt. And yes, that is it’s official name until he comes up with something better.


As you can see it’s quite an ambitious build. Wriga says he doesn’t have much of a plan; he’s working out of his imagination and running on procrastination. Overall, however, he’s said he plans a kind of town area with different tiers of housing and ‘wealth’ levels, going from a the market shown below, through the towers and up to the proper housing, to culminate in a temple or palace. Wriga also says he’s planning on expanding, dependent on time and space. Wriga also asked several other players to give him a hand with the market, and you can see this in the different styles. Can you spot the sneaky TARDIS?

2013-05-30_17.52.25 2013-05-30_17.51.39 2013-05-30_17.56.53 2013-05-30_17.56.18


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