This game is made by PlayToday and, is a cross between a building sim and an adventure game. As one might imagine, the game is based under water with the goal to travel around from your base to surrounding areas and collect treasures. Of course it’s not as simple as all that – you are limited by how much oxygen you have in your tanks, and you need other resources to help you discover and remove treasure from the ocean floor.

Oxygen does replenish over time, but unlike other games of this type I’ve played, you’re not limited to just waiting for your ‘action points’ to return, or using real-world money to help bring them back. There is of course this option, but you can also farm plants that give you bubbles with which to buy more oxygen. Farming the plants only takes coins, and so you can farm as much as you like, for no oxygen cost, then spend the bubbles to get more oxygen. Personally I think this is a much better way of having ‘action points’ in the game.

Other resources can be gathered by various means. Minerals, that help you construct frames from which to lift the treasures you discover out of the ocean, can be mined from rocks. The bigger the rock, the longer it’ll take to destroy and the more minerals you’ll get from it. Other resources, such as coal, paint or gold, are used to upgrade your submarine and other buildings, and are obtained by completing collections. A collection is much as it sounds – as you clear away seaweed and rocks, you get special items that go into a collection and once you have one of every item in a collection you get the resource. For example, when clearing seaweed you might get Canned Seaweed, Polyps or Sushi Rolls which when collected together give you experience points, some coins and Quartz Sand.

Game-play is lead via quests, though you can choose to ignore them and just swim around, clear away rocks and weeds, and uncover treasures. Another unique point, however, is timed quests – being given a task to collect resources in a set time, to complete an item. This, coupled with the fact that if you don’t harvest plants almost as soon as they ripen they go bad, makes for a very addictive game.

Overall this is a very good game; it has nice music, good graphics and the control icons aren’t too cluttered. The story is okay, but the compelling game-play style is really what makes it difficult to put down (I got distracted at least 5 times writing this review…).

My only niggles are that it is very resource intensive – it eats up memory and battery like candy – and that it is so addictive.

Overall I give it 3 out of 5 Dru Points because it’s just that little bit too good.


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