Another in our weekly spotlight series on things being built on our creative server provided thanks to C-oPs Game Host.

This week’s featured build is made up of a lot of different builds, but we hope Nighteyes won’t be too upset we’ve collected them all together. These are all Pixel Artworks, made by Nighteyes. She says she enjoys doing them as it provides her a good way to unwind between revising for her exams.

Screen shot of numerous pixel artworks

As you can see she’s been extremely busy. In the above image is Mr Saturn from EarthBound and Scrooge McDuck; Reimu and Marisa from Touhou Project (both constructed for Mafn), a Space Invader, Question Mark Block and Zacharie from Off. But this isn’t all! Under the break are close-ups of all the others she’s made.

As you can see, she’s a very busy girl.

Pixel Art Overview 3 Pixel Art Overview 2 Pixel Art - Team Rocket


Here we have Charizard Tribue (made for Wriga) and two miscellaneous potions; A 1up ‘Shroom and Yoshi Egg from Mario and Judge from Off; Team Rocket from Pokemon.

Pixel Art Companion Cube Pixel Art  - Adventure Time Pixel Art Yoshi

The Companion Cube from Portal; Princess Bubblegum and Marecline from Adventure Time; Yoshi from Mario and a random owl.

Pixel Art Overview - Moogles

And finally, 5 moogles and a chocobo, from Final Fantasy, made for Vince_Kupo. As you can see from the half finished Marshal Lee in the background, she’s no where near finished adding to this collection, so we’ll be sure to revisit her pixel art gallery sometime in the future.

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