Robbery Bob: Man of Steal is a game from Chillingo International, featuring Bob a ‘hapless burglar intent on changing his ways’. It’s a top-down action game, where you move Bob around the rooms of a house, guided by your mysterious benefactor, to steal all sorts of odd things like TV remotes, while avoiding being caught. While the graphics and storyline are brilliant – comedic and cartoonish in both respects – the controls are what let it down. Instead of just tapping on where you want Bob to go, for example, the game uses something similar to an on-screen joypad to move the character around. I didn’t spend that much time playing it as I would have hoped, simply because on my phone this control system is awkward and cramped. I imagine it might be somewhat more suited to a tablet, which is a shame.

I give it 2 out of 5 Dru Points for the story and the graphics.



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