Another in our weekly spotlight series on things being built on our creative server provided thanks to C-oPs Game Host.

You may remember when we first started this series, we had a look at Mafn’s Citadel in progress. Well, he’s added a fair bit to it since then so we thought we’d go back and see what he’d been up to.

Starting where the last post left off, we can see he’s been busy:


Very busy.


fort6 fort7 fort8 fort9

You can see here, the teleporter at the top of that massive flight of stairs, which is where you end up when using the warp Citadel. Following this, is the central hub of the city, and inside the hub, a Titan Relic Crystal and the stairs leading up to the top of the tower.




Here we can see the view from the top of the tower, and get a sense of just how massive this place is; this picture can only encapsulate half of the centre of the citadel. Mafn’s said he only used the plugin World Edit to help him out with the cylindrical surfaces, which account for less than a quarter of the total project.

fort11 fort12 fort13


Here is a close up of the library front, the  gate room (with redstone-powered gates), and the inside of the library-maze. As you can see he still has plenty of work to do on it still, and we’ll check back in another couple of weeks to see what he’s been upto.


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