This is a new twist on a fairly old game, where you use various elements to build up worlds. The Sandbox is made by Pixowl, and features a lot of new elements, such as the note block, animals (including humans and dinosaurs), and electronic systems. It also has guided tutorial, and various other created levels to play through and earn mana from. There are also achievements that when unlocked, can give you mana too.

The main thing I like about this game over others of it’s type is the fact that there are other worlds to play with, and a gallery of user created worlds to look at. All to often with a game like this it’s easy to get bored after a little while, but with daily challenges and the new element types it keeps you coming back. The note blocks and electronics systems seem to be the most popular in the user gallery, and I’ve seen a fair few of song recreations which I find very impressive.

There are a few draw-backs however; I cannot seem to figure out why the game thinks I have parental settings on (so I can’t play some of the worlds) when there is no option to change that in the settings. Also sometimes in the free-play mode, the game will crash when using magic powder on humans (to change the type of action they do).

Despite these issues, I find it a really fun game that keeps drawing me back, so it gets a solid 4/5 Dru Points.


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