This is a deceptively simple puzzle game by Noodle Games. The aim of the game is to move blocks into rows of three in the number of moves allowed. It starts off simple, with only one move allowed, and only one block to move, but gets progressively harder as more blocks, and different types of blocks, are introduced.

The mechanics of the game are fairly standard, but what really makes it stand out for me is the gentle progressive nature of the difficulty. With some games of this type, they start off simple for a few turns, and then make a large leap into being very difficult, however with this game the difficulty level has a nice smooth progression. I also like the simplicity of the graphics, the way the background is a calming blue and the pixel-ish nature of the fonts used.

Overall this gets  rating4 Dru points, as it does stand out over it’s competitors but it’s not overly OMGamazeballs.


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