This is a nethack style dungeon adventure game by Butterscotch Shenanigans, where you play as Tack, an annoyed quadruped octopus thing. The goal is to run around and hit things with increasingly silly named sticks and get closer and closer to the ocean floor so you can defeat Pete, the Bad Guy.

I had high hopes for this game – the graphics are funky and cartoonish, the humour is geeky and slightly off-the-wall, the aim is simple. It reminded me somewhat of Dungeons of Dredmor. However it’s let down severely by the game-play. To control Tack there is a horrible joy-stick style button  in the left hand corner, and extra control options that take up large amounts of screen on the right. Any text that shows up is almost too small to be read, and the overall game is also too small. Some of this might be due to the small size of my phone screen, however I don’t understand why the joystick is required when presumably this app is only going to be used on touch-screen devices.

While there are some nice extra features like being able to purchase new pets and skins with cash you find or get for completing achievements, I am overall quite disappointed with this game.

rating2 Dru points.

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