Update to the schedule!

With the loss of Seb&Shipz Putting The World To Rights and the G3 Originals, we had two prime-time slots empty. So, starting from next Monday (5th August), we’ll be having a bit of a shake-up with the schedule.

  • BionicBattery will be moving to 1900 on Monday;
  • I (Dru) will be starting 1600 on Tuesday;
  • Osku has moved over to 1800 on Friday, and Darkelink has moved up to 2000 on Friday.

Everyone else will remain the same. The calendar on the schedule page has already been updated if you need a more ‘bird’s-eye’ look at things.

We hope this change isn’t too confusing and scary, but if it is, head to IRC and you’ll get plenty of virtual hugs and kitten pics 🙂