This is kind of a defence tower game, made by cookiebit, where you, the PC, are the tower; you remain stationary while throwing rocks etc. at onrushing bad guys.

The story runs: you’re a postman and it is your last day, only your truck crashes in the middle of nowhere (presumably you have no way to get it running again, and no way to call for help), and you need to survive long enough to deliver your parcel. As one would expect with a defence game, you earn money with every monster you kill which you can use to upgrade your stats, as well as purchasing new weapons. There is the option to pay real money to remove the ads but I found this situation a bit odd – while the option is polite and not all ‘rar give us teh monies’, the ads themselves do obscure a large portion of the screen making it almost necessary to pay to remove the adverts.

The game itself isn’t anything ground-breaking (though having access to magic is interesting), but the graphics are high quality pixel style that I like, and I find the option to link the game to your Google account, in the same way one might link to Facebook to allow it to post status updated on your behalf, interesting as well. The only thing I don’t like is that the phone’s back button is disabled, and that when you have different screens open you need to use their ‘exit’ buttons.

Overall it’s an alright game, so it gets 4 out of 5 points Dru Points.

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