About: Initial Install

If you want the TL;DR just read the last paragraph.


Let’s talk about Initial Install for a moment. I am darkelink and I present the show, not that you would know that from listening to it as I don’t mention my name during the show. I always thought I did this because it was not important who I was and the show is what I was presenting forward not myself. Also because I think it sounds like a something a twelve year old would call himself to make him sound cool, probably because it was exactly that when I first devised it. But primarily it is because the focus of the show is the content.

Initial Install is primarily a news show, in fact I believe that I striped all the segments out that are not news (eg Steam releases) in order to make the show more coherent and interesting. However the weekly format does not lend its self to a news show as news should be reported as close to when it happens as possible. As such, anyone who would want to get the gaming news would have already read it from another source making this show a bit redundant. To compensate for urgency and to make the show something that people would want to listen to it needed something else about it to appeal. I resolved that the most effective way to make the show more appealing was to add a more entertaining aspect so the show would not be purely factual.

This is where the problem comes in, as news is fundamentally not entertaining on its own. This leads to all the entertainment coming from the presenter: me. Now I can go and blame the format all day for the reason that the show is not that great, however I am equally responsible as it is the job of the presenter to make the content entertaining. The problem is usually not lack of content as the amount of news each week should be more than enough to fill a two hour slot, however the content is not interesting at all. Too often I report stories that can be summarised by reading just the headline yet I continue to plan to make it a discussion point.

Which brings another problem, I feel that I cannot maintain a interesting monologue for a reasonable amount of time even when I have enough content to do so. Especially since the content is a very factual format, it exaggerates the lack of entertaining factor that the show desperately needs.

These problems are not solely my own, I have researched other similar shows (albeit most of them are podcasts) that are in my opinion, a lot better than my show. I began to notice that no one has the same basic format as I do, with good reason that I have listed above. Most of these other shows in fact do not talk about the news much, instead they talk about whatever nonsense they want. Nearly all of these show also have multiple people presenting, which does open opportunity to create discussion and provide more interest as many personalities interact with each other.

This next Initial Install (2013-09-06) will be my last. It just is not a format that is appealing to listen to and I don’t think I can transform it in any way to get it to a point where it is. I want to still try and produce content for G3 in some form, however at this point I do not know what it could be. If I can think of a better show then I might return to the airwaves. Until then, see you in irc.