This is another rogue-like dungeon crawler game, this time from Plato Evolved. I was originally attracted to it because it uses a free sprite package by Oryx, which is also used by Legends of Yore. LoY is a really enjoyable game, and thus thinking it would be made by the same developer, I thought I would also enjoy Killer Quest. Sadly not.
The game seems to be in very early development, as the only character options are human fighter, even though the options for elf, dwarf, mage and thief were present. Also the game-play is quite clunky and it not nearly as smooth as Pixel Dungeon, the previous rogue-like game I reviewed. This might be due to the style of turn-based system it uses, but I’m not sure. Either way, of the two, I’d say that Pixel Dungeon is the better option as it is a much slicker game.

Killer Quest gets 2 out of 5 Dru points for now, and with the promise of a check-back and a second review.

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