This is a three-lane defence game, made by SmashGames. You start off with the basic soldier unit, and very level or so you’re given access to a new unit, such as archer, mage and knight. As you progress through the levels your ‘commander’ levels up and earns more coins and the occasional gem which can be used to purchase more units or equipment, or to level up existing units.

The game-play is fairly standard for a defence game, but the ability to use add-ons such as boosters or equipment, gives the game a bit more depth. The graphics are cute, and I like the overall interface of the game – it’s clean and intuitive. Also, the developers occasionally give out codes on their facebook page that you enter into your ‘spellbook’ to get free stuff which is pretty cool of them.

Codes are:
Fire, water, water, fire, fire – 5,000 more gold
Water, water, water, water, water, thunder, thunder, water – Disables adverts
Fire, thunder, thunder, thunder, water – Gives you more gold and 10 gems

Overall I’d give this 5 out of 5 points Dru Points, as it’s pretty damn good, and having the codes tips it over to awesome.

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