Well, the time has finally come to sum up the musical year of 2013. The7thson and Helvett each picked their favourite 5 albums that came out in the past 12 months (an incredibly difficult task!) and came up with tonight’s show. We spent the first hour or so on the list, and the 2nd hour playing requests and other bands that narrowly missed the top 5.

Download or stream the show below.

A playlist has been posted over at www.facebook.com/headbanginginthebedroom if you would like to spoil the surprise and see who topped both of our lists.


Tonight’s show was awesome! Super varied mix of music leading towards a satisfying conclusion.

We also had time to do a 30 minute pre-show where we got to play some non-metal classics (Pink Floyd,Skynyrd etc)

We covered Power Metal, Folk, Black, Industrial, Classic Rock, and a ton of requests!

(Please Note: The first 4 minutes of this recording are mostly just video game themes and metal while the stream was being tested – feel free to skip ahead)


Download link below.