Hello it’s IAN-ALLCAPS here with a new article.

Today we will be talking about the Minecraft server; building, greifing, and it’s rules, and I cannot forget the radio itself.

Okay then, you guys want to know about the Minecraft server? It is not creative, so only admins can fly and use World Edit. Client Mods are banned unless given permission (which I highly doubt), griefing is also banned, as is killing other players  – also known as PvP – unless both parties are up to it.

The main rule is: Do not be a meany pants! Also, do not share accounts because if you do, and someone you shared with griefs, you will get the blame. Do not openly grief. This includes but is not up to: building overly close to someone else’s house; building into someone else’s stuff; taking that which is not yours; setting fire to or surrounding with fire/covering or surrounding with lava of which is not yours. Do not kill animals that do not belong to you, do not flood that which is not yours, and do not spam chat without a very very good reason. Do ask permission before building, unless the area is completely uninhabited, and do report things such as bullying, griefing, people acting suspicious or stolen goods.

Right guys, time for griefing, and why not to do it. Griefing is, say, ruining someone’s things, like a house or sculpture, by using pretty much anything. It is very bad, and will get you banned if bad enough. You may also get temporarily banned. It is also very annoying; I cannot stress that enough: it is so annoying. Griefing can also be building to close to other peoples stuff.

So then building. You can build anything you like, (as long as it is not to close to someone else’s building, or on top of, or inside) and I do mean anything. When it comes to building, it can be simple or incredibly complex with red-stone. It could be a giant tree or an air ship. You could make a railway, a shop (there is one at spawn), or quests (as made by Dru, NeoThermic and myself).

Finally, the radio station. It’s great, funny and interesting. You can get involved when on IRC, you can request songs when though IRC or Facebook. It cheers you up when without a cup, you let them down when you go to town. So never go, never leave, unless it’s a recording.

The Minecraft server can be accessed via your client on mc.g3-radio.net; We also have a live map at http://mc.g3-radio.net:8123. All !commands, such as !request, are now accessible via the Minecraft IRC bridge Bot.

This article was written by IANOINVIBLE, and edited by Dru.

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