This is made by Shayort Games, and is a 1st person ‘horror’ game, but quite frankly isn’t actually all that good.

The idea is you are in some kind of abandoned town and you need to collect 8 pages about the Herobrine before it gets you. The first issue I have is that there is no obvious clues as to where these pages are. They are just randomly stuck to buildings, so you essentially just spend time wandering around. My next issue with the game is that the controls aren’t very good; your wandering is controlled by two virtual joysticks (one for view and one for movement) and I just find this very clunky. This is further compounded by the graphics looking like they were just pulled out of a Quake 1 game and therefore the narrow alleys are somewhat difficult to navigate with the virtual joysticks. My final issue is that the Herobrine is a character from minecraft – the default Steve skin, with no eyes – and to see it just ripped out and put in a game where there are no other minecraft elements is really strange and annoying, not to mention it’s really easy to avoid. You can hear it following you, and you need to stand still for at least 5 seconds before it reaches you.

Overall, this is just a pointless exercise in wandering around a virtual town. I spent 10 minutes on it, trying to give it the benefit of the doubt, before just staying still and letting the herobrine take me.

0 out of 5Dru Points.

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