This is a 2D clone of MineCraft made by Noodlecake Studios.

The overall idea is similar to minecraft in that you start out in an empty world and have to survive. You cut down trees and mine ores to make tools, kill dodos and farm crops for food, and make a nice little base from which to explore the world. However, there are added challenges aside from hunger and injury, as you can suffer from exposure and exhaustion, and the crafting process is much more time intensive as it can take a while to craft more complex items.

That being said, there is the option of using micro-purchases to get gems which allow you to import another blockhead, or speed processes up. These gems can also be found, albeit very rarely, deep in caverns under the earth.

Gameplay is easy and intuitive, and just like minecraft, is very addictive. I like the fact it’s a bit tougher, and offers other challenges to your little blockhead. My only issue with the game is it is very memory intensive, and I could only play for about 15mins before the game crashed and I had to restart my phone, which suggests it would be better suited to newer devices, or maybe even a tablet. Other than that it’s very enjoyable, and I would recommend to anyone who likes Minecraft with a different spin.

4 out of 5 points Dru Points

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