Only one

This is a fighting game with aspects of tower defence, made by Ernest Szoka. The idea is very Highlander-esque; at the start of the game you receive a shiny sword and then have to kill multiple waves of bad guys to be the last one standing. As you kill more contenders, you get the ability to upgrade your armour and skills in order to fight harder enemies.

Although it sounds simple enough, this is actually quite a tough game to master. Not least because the virtual joypad makes moving in the right direction, and not accidentally walking into your opponent, very difficult. However, I like the graphic style – funky pixel art has always appealed to me – and the enemies are varied, so this gets ⅗

Pot of Legend

This is an extremely dull game made by Orca Inc., similar to the various idle, ‘cookie clicker’ style games. Very simply, you have a character that moves around randomly and your job is to break pots as you get close, and collect the money from them. You can then buy upgrades in the form of speed, strength or another character to aid your breaking of pots. Kinda lame, unless you’re really so bored you’ll play anything ⅖

As we prepare for I51 at the Ricoh Arena we actually talk about games (shocking) and are joined first by Nighteyes and later by Ryoko and Antonia.

The acting school script (Trainspotting) was provided by Elementalgirl who also donated £15 to the station.

This weeks pub quiz was a short and sweet affair with only 3 questions and was won by MrPotz by answering all questions correctly.


This may be one of our best shows to date (at least since we returned). We proved that darkelink is Special with the easiest pub quiz everrrr. Stingraywings won a pizza in the G3 talent show and will share it with Elementalgirl. With the acting there was more success as Elementalgirl correctly guess the movie we “almost” expertly acted.