This is another fun and polished game from Nimblebit. As the name suggests, you are running a zoo. You start out with a hot air balloon and gradually build your way up different types of aircraft. Each subsequent aircraft opens up a new set of animals to be ‘rescued’ and placed in enclosures at the zoo. For example the chopper opens up the outback, with cockatoos, alligators and platypuses to be found. Each animal in the zoo raises money for you (unless it’s asleep – something I’ll mention in a bit), and each animal rescue costs money, so the more animals you have the more you can rescue.

Rescuing the animals themselves is a mini game. You have a grid in which you have ten chances to turn over tiles, uncovering animal patterns, coins, disco bux or nothing. Each animal has a predictable pattern which can be used to find all the animal tiles. For example a pig is four tiles in a square, whereas a kangaroo is three tiles in a diagonal. As I mentioned, all animals fall asleep at some point, and the time it stays awake for is determined by how common the animal is, for example sheep can only stay awake for five minutes, whereas a unicorn can stay awake for several hours. Advantageously, however, the more animals you get of a certain type increases their staying power.

But why is it called Disco Zoo, you might wonder. For a cost of disco bux you can start a disco that will make your animals earn more money for the duration, and keep them awake longer.

So far, it’s kept me hooked. Aside from the main game, what really make this for me is the little extras. I love the comments you get from visitors, and some of the ‘help’ section tip-bits genuinely made me chuckle. My only complaint is the excessive number of notification which are generated, however after some playing, I found you can turn those off.

Overall it is a very well made game. Its polished, fun and hard to put down.

5 out of 5

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