This is kind of another Minecraft/ Gem Miner clone but with a slight difference: everything you mine goes towards making parts for a rocket ship to blast your way of wherever you are. I’d say this is more like Gem Miner, in that it is a flat, 2D game. It also brings different challenges with it – for example you have to buy torches (you can’t just find coal and wood), and the deeper you go, the more you run out of air. Each section of the rocket is a new quest, and you use each previous quest to help you build up parts of your rocket, and it’s launch pad, with the end goal being to escape the planet you’ve landed on.

So far it’s a nice time waster; easy to pick up and put back down. The graphics aren’t great – they look like they were made in MS Paint – but it honestly doesn’t affect the games playability. Everything is still clear and obvious as to it’s nature or purpose.

My only real complaint is that the prices don’t seem to escalate at a predictable rate. For example, rubble is your only real main selling resource – everything else goes into the ship – and sells for 15 coins. However, then the cheapest items, torches, go from 50 coins for a small torch, to 200 coins for a big one. If you want something like an oxygen tank upgrade, it’s 2000 coins. Maybe it’s just me, but those price jumps don’t seem quite right.

Still: It’s a fun, mildly interesting time killer, so it scores three out of five Dru Points

3 out of 5

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