Odd socks

This is a simple pair-matching game by Oak Games, in which, as the name suggests, you match up odd socks. As you gain more levels, you get more space on your washing line for socks to show up, a bigger allowance of space in the trash bin and a larger variety of sock patterns to match up. If you don’t think you can match a sock, you toss it in the bin, or send it to a friend.

While it’s fun to start with, one of the biggest drawbacks of the game is it’s close affiliation with facebook. You are constantly pestered to share your lost socks, like other people’s matches, and generally get all your friends playing as well. I played for around fifteen minutes, before the insistent facebook pop ups rendered the game practically unplayable. It is a shame, because this is otherwise a perfectly good little time waster.

2 out of 5

Colour fill

This is a neat little puzzle game from Leo DeSol Apps. The essence of the game is to move awkward, angular shapes on to a grid system, and you then arrange the shapes to fit together into a square. You’re timed on how long it takes, and points are awarded based that and the number of moves you make. It has a good gradation of difficulty, but overall is not too hard, even for a spatially challenged person like myself. Overall it’s a nice little time waster, pretty and i enjoyed it, even if it is probably meant for kids. 4 out of 5 points


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