First Station Elder’s Meeting of 2015

(Apologies if this is quite brief – as you may know I broke my shoulder, and cannot type with both hands. If there is anything you want more information on, leave a comment below, e-mail, or pop into IRC)

This weekend, myself, Neothermic, Mr Potz and Crace all got together for what we call a ‘Station Elder’s’ meeting. I should probably start out by explaining that a Station Elder is someone who has been in the community for so long they are like furniture, has contributed a substantial amount of time to the station, or who has donated a substantial sum over the years (we’re talking +£500). To wit, Tigger, Kralian, and ArmEagle might also be considered Station Elders but it’s a touch difficult to ship them over from the Continent for a one day meeting.

So what did we learn, what did we plan, and what comes next?

We started out by looking at the results of the listener survey, which was overall positive (most people listen a few times a week), and largely unsurprising in terms of complaints (no one likes how the IRC bot works). This spawned a list of tasks that we’ll look at over the next 6 months, one of which was that not as many people as thought knew about the donations spreadsheet or guiding document.

After a pause for lunch we went back and highlighted what we think are our core goals:

  • To acive a 10% listener increase across the weeks programming by the end of the year
  • To achive a similar increase in donations

The main method for achiving these is currently to focus on our infrastructure:  server stability, presenter consistency, documentation. With that in mind we went back to the task list from last year to look through what we may have missed that was hindering the above, and added anything we hadn’t done to our current list. We then spent some time sorting the tasks into priority and timescale order.

We now have a list of tasks we think we can get done by summer I-series. So keep an eye out for any updates, and if you see none, give us a shout, as we’re probably slacking.