There are some things that have no good way of being said, you just have to say them. Thus:
I am taking a break of indeterminate length from doing Friday’s Something Something Show.

I’m finding work is taking more out of me than I thought it would, I just don’t get enough time to do my show prep, and I’m not happy with delivering sub-par shows. I figure now is a good time – I have a holiday at the end of October, then NaNoWriMo in November, and Christmas prep in December – and I’m hoping I can use the extra time to get things sorted. So with that in mind, this Friday 2nd October, will be my last solo show until the New Year. G3 Originals will carry on, and I will still be dealing with admin things.

Talking of administration and the New Year, we’re coming to the point where I start getting nervous about licensing fees. We’ve been extraordinarily lucky with donations this year, with big thanks going to Kralian, Tigger, Armeagle and Crinkle, but we still need another £350 to get our licenses for 2016. If you can, please consider throwing a few pennies our way. Even if you can’t, telling everyone you know about us still helps. After all, some of them might have money…

I hope I’ve entertained some of you on your Friday afternoons, and while I might be a bit absent over the coming months, I fully intend to come back in the New Year.

Thanks, as always, for listening.