Goodbye to the Circus

Well, that’s it. After eight astonishing years of ups, downs, sideways-ness and in-side-outs we’re done.

The towel has been thrown in, the lights are ready to be switched off, the metaphors are getting sketchy and G3 Radio has performed it’s last broadcast, as of 31st of January 2019.

On behalf of all the staff, I’d like to thank all our listeners, donors, ex-staff and sponsors over the years for being a part of something special. I’m proud of what we created together as a community, and I truly hope you all have had as much fun listening and participating, as we have bringing you our shows and videos.

I’d like to extend special thanks to a number of people who’ve gone above and beyond over the years:

  • For being our biggest donors, in descending order: Kralian, Crinkle, Osku, Armeagle, Nanaki, Mafn, Tigger, Crabby and Lien.
  • To Kralian and Armeagle – not only have you dropped obscene amounts of money into this station over the years, but you’ve faithfully served as Trustees for the station. Without your help and guidance, I’m not sure we’d have come as far as we did.
  • To Lorcian, Crace and Panda, for laying the groundwork and getting this thing started.
  • To my fellow presenter, NeoThermic, for showing up and pushing me on when I didn’t want to.
  • To Mr-Potz and Tigger: Thank you so much for everything you’ve done over the years, for the joy and the puns you’ve brought me and hundreds of others. You’re both amazing at what you do, and I’m so proud to have worked alongside you for as long as I have. I love you both dearly, and wish you the very best for the future.

On the 9th February the lights will go off for good. But, we don’t intend to fall off the internet completely. Several community members have expressed a wish to keep the conversation going, albeit in a different manner. If you want to stay in touch, our IRC room (, #g3-radio) will remain open, and we have , a new Facebook group. Any additions or news, such as a Discord server, will be noted there.

It’s truly been our pleasure to entertain you over the years, and we wish you the best for the stream ahead.

Be good to each other, drink plenty of water, and we’ll see you in the Pub later.

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