G3 radio is an Internet radio station focusing on geek, gaming and alternative entertainment, with shows every weeknight from 7pm (UK time). We have a friendly community with our own forums, games servers, IRC and youtube channels and a group of highly enthusiastic staff to run it all.

G3 Radio is the product of unfortunate circumstances. When their old station, TGR, closed down, the four presenters of the old G3 Show (Lorcian, DruidX, Crace and Froggy) decided they liked online radio too much to just pack it all in, so they sat down, thought about it a bit and thus, 7th March 2011, G3 Radio was born! Our focus is on live, fun and interesting shows every weeknight, with live coverage from diverse events like BarCamp, Insomnia Series and National Novel Writing Month. We aim to be as transparent with our community as we can, as passionate of their hobbies as they are, and always welcome new presenters, staff or those just wanting to help out.

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