If you love the station as much as we do, why don’t you help raise awareness of it? Below are link-back images, posters and desktop wallpapers you can use to do so. Don’t forget about our merchandise either, that way you can help us advertise and help fund us too.

Link-back Images

a 30 by 50 pixel button with 'g3-radio.net' on it in blue and grey  A 88 by 31 pixel button with the station url on it  100 by 53 pixel version of the station logo, with URL80 by 80 pixel version of the station logo, with the url A large version of the station logo, with URL


Desktop Wallpapers

wpg3radiologomay2012 logo_rabithole-thumb g3wallpaper5 g3wallpaper2 g3wallpaper6 getretro-thumb wp3g3radiologomay2012 geekside-m-thumb geekside-fem-thumb whitehacker-thumb g3wallpaper g3wallpaper4 g3wallpaper3 Black, grey and neon green wallpaper with G3 Radio and 'on your airwaves 24/7' on it scarcasmdamage-thumb