Tomorrow members of G3-Radio will be joining Krem and Fatal of Crash to Desktop at Insomnia 44, as the poster states they may invade both G3’s live shows Saturday 7-10pm GMT and Sunday 12-3pm GMT, and unconfirmed as of yet but Teldur (aka Dave) of may be popping down Sunday for his show 7-9pm GMT.

We’ll be there all weekend, hopefully to snap up some pictures, videos and if CTD are lucky get some interviews.

Thanks to Dru’s other half Dark, we seem to have 4 games to give away via Steam – the games are:




A.R.E.S: Extinction Agenda

All these games total a whopping £30.56! To win these collection of games what you need to do is find 3 friends to join you in our Team Fortress 2 Tournament hosted on our TF2 server.

You have two weeks to send your team name, you and your friends Steam IDs, and emails to contact you to

During the week leading up to i44 (13th – 20th of November), we shall hold the tournament with hopefully the final hosted during the i44 event itself.

More information will come as we know it, so as it stands grab your teams and good luck.

Still recovering from last weekend’s epic.LAN event, to put it simply, it was great to see gamers just out in force, beer was had by all, drunken card games a plenty, and of course many games of LAN were played.
First off congratulations to the various tournament winners both in COD and CSS, you can find them around Crash To Desktop – Finally after slaving over a hot audio and video editor we can finally release Fatal’s interview with CSS 1v1 finalists Chronic and Avash:
Go to Crash To Desktop for the other tournaments, the pub quiz, boat races, more images and videos, and werewolves…

The following is a Review by Raksha – Keep up with his and Silverfuge’s Show Alternate Sundays 3pm-5pm GMT and check out their Table Top content over at Crash To Desktop


Buffy The Vampire Slayer is a TV show that I am sure most of you all know; if not here is a quick premises on the show and its ideas.

Buffy is a teenage American high school student, she is an attractive yet troubled student having burned down her last school. What the rest of the world doesn’t know is that Buffy is a vampire slayer and there is only one. She has been chosen to fight vampires and demons and other nasty things.

Ok the role-play game works around that you will be playing ever the original cast, which are all given stats in the book or you can start completely for scratch with your own cast of characters. Which can be anything that you want them to be, as long as you can come up with the concept for the character, you can play it from bog standard human to a demon.

Eden studio are the creators of the role play game they decided that the game would be aimed at fans and that it would be made for the average fan rather than for the regular role-play as a result of that the gaming system is a simple system that allows people to learn it very easily.

The system is cinematic, which means that the game runs like a film rather than being rules heavy like White Wolfs Storyteller system. So instead of being bogged down by large amounts of skills and large amounts of rules its keep pretty clean cut and simple which makes for a system that is pretty fast and rolls on constantly, thus allowing for a quicker progressing storyline.

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With the current drive towards providing premium radio content for G3 Radio, regular news has fallen to the side a bit – To fix this issue G3 Radio is outsourcing it’s web content, may we introduce you all to Crash To Desktop.

Crash to Desktop, run by Krem and Fatal with content provided by them and some members of the G3 Radio staff will continue to provide regular content such as news, previews, video content and event coverage from not only video gaming but table top gaming and the current tech.

Joined with our friends Blast Process, they will bring content from their sites directly to the G3 site, but be sure to check in from time to time for exclusives.

G3 Radio itself will continue on as normal to provide you with the best radio content as we can and we welcome Crash To Desktop as a friend to the site and joins us in the drive to entertain you.

Entries for the Replay Expo 2011 comp (see a wee bit down the page for more info) have closed, however the game is still on!

Now if you head over to our Facebook Page you’ll find the Replay Comp Entries Album from those that have made it past the vetting stage – now it’s your job to pick the photo you like the most, remember the theme is ‘best use of the G3 Radio Logo’, just hit the ‘like’ button to the photo and thats all you need to do to support your picture (unless you want to tell your friends to vote for it too).

Voting closes at 6pm GMT Monday and the winner will be announced on The Monday Night Show.

Big thanks to Replay Expo 2011 for the tickets and support


Replay Expo is the unique video gaming event that prides itself in celebrating both the classics as well as the very latest titles. Following the success of last year’s debut show, Replay Expo will return to the Norbreck Castle Exhibition Centre in Blackpool on the 5/6 November 2011; the final weekend of the famous Illuminations.

Want to know more then listen to the following interview with Andy Brown, director of the event with our own Fatal Impurity.

Andy Brown Interview

Now on to the meat of the situation, we have two  full weekend tickets (for you and a friend to go to the Expo) – to win them it’s easy take the following image (ie our G3 Logo).

Now print off the image and take a picture of you and the image with the theme ‘most interesting use of the image’, NO PROFANITIES otherwise it’s an instant disqualification, and send the picture to with the email title REPLAY COMP with your name and contact email in case you win.

Entries have to be in by Friday 14th Oct at the latest.

After that we will upload the received entries onto our Facebook Page where the community votes by ‘liking’ the image of their choosing, the one with the most votes by the Monday Night Show at 7pm GMT the following Monday is the winner! So the more ‘voters’ you can find the better your chances.

Good Luck

I’m drawing up plans right now, good plans, not evil plans for once, shocking isn’t it?

What are these plans? Well we at G3 Radio have an idea, why don’t we game with you lot?

The basic idea is still bare bones ATM however if we called out a game for the month to play, with a day and time given to come onto our Ventrillo and spend a few hours gaming with staff and community members. Also a Fraps recording may be in play in which we upload the gaming night to our YouTube channel, and Froggy Points may be rewarded to our player of the week or something perhaps potatoes?

This thing doesn’t even have a name yet, but do you like the idea? Do tell us.


Anyway Blizzard sent out their first batch of Beta Invites to Diablo III yesterday, those who where lucky enough to get the invite check your emails and download the client asap, from what I’ve heard from Lets Play Videos (thank you Total Biscuit) it’s a 90 minute ‘demo’ only leading up to a major boss fight.

If the rest of the content unlocks at a later date I’ll let you know