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Bored of your arena FPS of choice, or want to try something new? Quakelike are a series of articles looking at some alternative arena shooters that you may not have heard of.

From launching the game, it is clear that Warsow is very much aimed at competitive play. From the initial screen being a news feed of esports events to bot games being hidden behind the online play, Warsow makes it very clear what it aims to do. But does it do it well? Continue reading

Odd socks

This is a simple pair-matching game by Oak Games, in which, as the name suggests, you match up odd socks. As you gain more levels, you get more space on your washing line for socks to show up, a bigger allowance of space in the trash bin and a larger variety of sock patterns to match up. If you don’t think you can match a sock, you toss it in the bin, or send it to a friend.

While it’s fun to start with, one of the biggest drawbacks of the game is it’s close affiliation with facebook. You are constantly pestered to share your lost socks, like other people’s matches, and generally get all your friends playing as well. I played for around fifteen minutes, before the insistent facebook pop ups rendered the game practically unplayable. It is a shame, because this is otherwise a perfectly good little time waster.

2 out of 5

Colour fill

This is a neat little puzzle game from Leo DeSol Apps. The essence of the game is to move awkward, angular shapes on to a grid system, and you then arrange the shapes to fit together into a square. You’re timed on how long it takes, and points are awarded based that and the number of moves you make. It has a good gradation of difficulty, but overall is not too hard, even for a spatially challenged person like myself. Overall it’s a nice little time waster, pretty and i enjoyed it, even if it is probably meant for kids. 4 out of 5 points


The G3 Originals are minus Lorcian for 2 shows and are let loose unsupervised in the studio. We talk about what games we’ve been playing recently and include some gaming news. We hold a picture competition in which contestants must draw/paint what could possibly go wrong in the studio without Lorcian (these can be seen on our twitch stream. Drawing Competition


This is kind of another Minecraft/ Gem Miner clone but with a slight difference: everything you mine goes towards making parts for a rocket ship to blast your way of wherever you are. I’d say this is more like Gem Miner, in that it is a flat, 2D game. It also brings different challenges with it – for example you have to buy torches (you can’t just find coal and wood), and the deeper you go, the more you run out of air. Each section of the rocket is a new quest, and you use each previous quest to help you build up parts of your rocket, and it’s launch pad, with the end goal being to escape the planet you’ve landed on.

So far it’s a nice time waster; easy to pick up and put back down. The graphics aren’t great – they look like they were made in MS Paint – but it honestly doesn’t affect the games playability. Everything is still clear and obvious as to it’s nature or purpose.

My only real complaint is that the prices don’t seem to escalate at a predictable rate. For example, rubble is your only real main selling resource – everything else goes into the ship – and sells for 15 coins. However, then the cheapest items, torches, go from 50 coins for a small torch, to 200 coins for a big one. If you want something like an oxygen tank upgrade, it’s 2000 coins. Maybe it’s just me, but those price jumps don’t seem quite right.

Still: It’s a fun, mildly interesting time killer, so it scores three out of five Dru Points

3 out of 5

This is another fun and polished game from Nimblebit. As the name suggests, you are running a zoo. You start out with a hot air balloon and gradually build your way up different types of aircraft. Each subsequent aircraft opens up a new set of animals to be ‘rescued’ and placed in enclosures at the zoo. For example the chopper opens up the outback, with cockatoos, alligators and platypuses to be found. Each animal in the zoo raises money for you (unless it’s asleep – something I’ll mention in a bit), and each animal rescue costs money, so the more animals you have the more you can rescue.

Rescuing the animals themselves is a mini game. You have a grid in which you have ten chances to turn over tiles, uncovering animal patterns, coins, disco bux or nothing. Each animal has a predictable pattern which can be used to find all the animal tiles. For example a pig is four tiles in a square, whereas a kangaroo is three tiles in a diagonal. As I mentioned, all animals fall asleep at some point, and the time it stays awake for is determined by how common the animal is, for example sheep can only stay awake for five minutes, whereas a unicorn can stay awake for several hours. Advantageously, however, the more animals you get of a certain type increases their staying power.

But why is it called Disco Zoo, you might wonder. For a cost of disco bux you can start a disco that will make your animals earn more money for the duration, and keep them awake longer.

So far, it’s kept me hooked. Aside from the main game, what really make this for me is the little extras. I love the comments you get from visitors, and some of the ‘help’ section tip-bits genuinely made me chuckle. My only complaint is the excessive number of notification which are generated, however after some playing, I found you can turn those off.

Overall it is a very well made game. Its polished, fun and hard to put down.

5 out of 5

Only one

This is a fighting game with aspects of tower defence, made by Ernest Szoka. The idea is very Highlander-esque; at the start of the game you receive a shiny sword and then have to kill multiple waves of bad guys to be the last one standing. As you kill more contenders, you get the ability to upgrade your armour and skills in order to fight harder enemies.

Although it sounds simple enough, this is actually quite a tough game to master. Not least because the virtual joypad makes moving in the right direction, and not accidentally walking into your opponent, very difficult. However, I like the graphic style – funky pixel art has always appealed to me – and the enemies are varied, so this gets ⅗

Pot of Legend

This is an extremely dull game made by Orca Inc., similar to the various idle, ‘cookie clicker’ style games. Very simply, you have a character that moves around randomly and your job is to break pots as you get close, and collect the money from them. You can then buy upgrades in the form of speed, strength or another character to aid your breaking of pots. Kinda lame, unless you’re really so bored you’ll play anything ⅖

This is a 2D clone of MineCraft made by Noodlecake Studios.

The overall idea is similar to minecraft in that you start out in an empty world and have to survive. You cut down trees and mine ores to make tools, kill dodos and farm crops for food, and make a nice little base from which to explore the world. However, there are added challenges aside from hunger and injury, as you can suffer from exposure and exhaustion, and the crafting process is much more time intensive as it can take a while to craft more complex items.

That being said, there is the option of using micro-purchases to get gems which allow you to import another blockhead, or speed processes up. These gems can also be found, albeit very rarely, deep in caverns under the earth.

Gameplay is easy and intuitive, and just like minecraft, is very addictive. I like the fact it’s a bit tougher, and offers other challenges to your little blockhead. My only issue with the game is it is very memory intensive, and I could only play for about 15mins before the game crashed and I had to restart my phone, which suggests it would be better suited to newer devices, or maybe even a tablet. Other than that it’s very enjoyable, and I would recommend to anyone who likes Minecraft with a different spin.

4 out of 5 points Dru Points