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On this weeks show we are missing Neothermic but still hold it together. Lorcian talks about his ordeals at the hands of dentists and his new cat that is scared of EVERYTHING. The usual edition of Lorcians acting Skool went very well with Stingraywings coming up with the title of this podcast. The pub quiz was themed on old movies with Lorcian deciding to abstain from most of the questions and Crace managing 4 out 5 correct answers :).


G3 Originals 27-12-2013

On our last show of 2013 we were sadly missing Dru and Neo due to illness and festivities, but to make up for it we were joined by Draken.

G3 Originals 03-01-2014

Our first show of the New Year and all hosts are present. We bring a new feature we threw together about fan fiction. The pub quiz was about gaming in 2013 and included some very interesting statistics.
Lorcians Acting Skool for Speshial Peepl was unfortunately a bust as no one guessed the movie we acted and shock horror we manage the whole scene without making a mistake (is the school working?).


RandomJust recently we’ve had a lot of queries about how the station works, how much it cost and how the asker can get in on the act. So we thought we’d give a basic run-down of how you too can become a presenter with us.

As for how much things cost, well. It’s not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, especially when all we have to work off is donations. However, all that has been taken care of by the station already. All a potential presenter needs is a piece of broadcasting software, a microphone and a winning personality.

We usually recommend SAM broadcaster, however that doesn’t stay free for long, and we’re currently searching for a better alternative.
Microphones can range in price, but to start people off we usually recommend the USB mic that comes with Rock Band/ Guitar Hero. They’ve usually got one kicking around some place and they’re of reasonable quality. If not, you can still get some good quality, cheap mics from places like amazon.
As for the winning personality; well it’s not strictly required: after all I get by 😉 However having something about yourself that people find interesting helps. In the absence of either of those things, whatever else, you must be enthusiastic. Again, coming from experience, listeners will forgive a lot of fail if you are enthusiastic enough.

For us personally, we make you go through a super easy screening progress to make sure you’re not a total snooze-fest and agree to some fairly standard conditions, but aside from that, that’s all there really is to it.

So if you’d like to give the exciting world of Internet Radio Presenting a try, email recruitment@g3-radio.net and let us know ^.^

It’s very hard to put the concept of an insomnia event into words. Just like a great concert, or falling in love, an insomnia event is something that really needs to be experienced to be understood.

i45 was no different, and I’ll be honest;  it’s all a bit of a hug-filled, game-playing, running-around-high-on-sugar, caffeine-fuelled haze, where time seems to stretch out to the point where it feels like a week since you ate breakfast, but at the same time mere hours have passed since you checked into the event.

But one thing’s for sure – we got to meet loads of cool people, and even interview a few of them; we got to watch exciting tournaments on a big screen, and we got to dress up classy. They may have even been some game-play and a broadcast or two in there some place 😉

Like I said before, we had an amazing time, and we’d love to see more of you at i46. So hop on over to the insomnia site and get your ticket now, while it’s still 20% off.