Unfortunately, most things in this world require money, and this station is no exception. We have to pay for servers and licensing if we want to stay on the air. Most of it can be covered by the management team, but we would really appreciate it if you could throw any spare capital you have our way to make life a little bit easier. Remember, just £2,50 a month will keep a DJ on the air 😉

It is our intention to keep the community informed of how donations are used, and to that end you can access our accounts, in a GDocs spreadsheet, shown below.

All donaters will be thanked publicly on air as well as on this page. All donators of £200 will get free donor goodies, and if you’re a member on the forums you’ll get a fancy icon by your name as well as some extra permissions in Minecraft. Just remember to write how you would like your name to appear on the donation thanks wall, otherwise your full name will be used.

You can donate via PayPal (below) or direct to our account using our International Banking Account Number (IBAN): GB28 ABBY 0901 2786 9446 14

Donation Amount

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Previous Donors

Thank you so much!!!

Awesomely Super Epic Donors – £400 and over

Osku (£730) • Kralian (£655)

Super Epic Donors – £300


Epic Donors – £200

Lorcian and Panda • Crace

Beloved Donors – £150


Level 2 Donors – £100

Tigger • Danielisacrab • Neothermic • Spannerash

Level 1 Donors – £50

Kittycatjack • Froggie • Lielou • Ianh16 • MasterQueef • Tetcher

Up to £50

Ben Moore • Chris Johnston • Samantha Neubauer • Adam Kitching • CarloVonSexron • Josh Blackman • HankBSkank • Mark Polley • Patrick Watkins • Thomas McGlone • NorikoNeko • Snaily • SHERLOCKED • Bele • Harri Aikio • Zvenne • Jack Clark • The7thSon • Vince_Kupo • Wriga • Joe Allen • Matthius • Riorus • Sarah Falder • Barry Sullivan • Thraisenth • Alexandra Phillips • Tomwhitmarsh • darkelink • Nighteyes • sarah falder