Some of the shenanigans we got up to at Insomnia 49, including the shows we made.




Tigger meets Crab; The both looked shocked by this. Sleepy Ryoko Saturday Show 3; People sat on one side of the table

Saturday Show 2; People sat on the other side of the table Saturday Show; Shot of both sides of the table. General press like stuff happening. Faces on the Mixer Crace and DanCrab messing around Tigger gaming in his tigger suit Neo with Kitty Ears Crace with a Flamingo Hat Tigger in a fez Captain Kralian Armeagle with a top hat IanH16 with sparkles  Kralian with his hat on wrong  Tigger winning his case Tigger Winning his case Racing demo Racing Demo 3D Printer 3D Printer Minecraft Stand Help Desk The Main stage and bar Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremony 2 Opening Ceremony 3 Opening Ceremony 4