To play on our Minecraft server, simply pop into your client and you’re away! We have a live map available, should you get lost, or want to visit someone.

We want everyone to enjoy playing on our server, so there are a few rules we’d like everyone to follow, as well as some general server norms you should know about. Following that is an explanation of the ranking system we have in place, any special plugins you need to know about, and finally a list of interesting places and their warps.

The Minecraft Admins are:

  • Druidx
  • KittyAshley (aka NeoThermic)
  • JaketheSnake (aka MasterQueef)
  • Armeagle
  • Kralian

If you need to report anything, either contact one of these people in-game using chat or /mail, use the forums, or email


  • Rules
  • General Server Norms
  • Ranks
  • Server Plugins
    • Lockette
    • Home Commands
    • Teleporting
    • Region Guard
    • HorseCraft
    • Sign Shops
  • Places and Quests


  1. Do not be a dick; Try to be civil to other players
  2. Do not grief. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Breaking another player’s stuff
    2. Stealing from other players
    3. Intentionally allowing creepers to explode in or near another player’s stuff
    4. Intentionally flooding another player’s stuff, either with water or lava
    5. Intentionally killing another player’s animals
    6. Engaging in Player versus Player without the other player’s consent
  3. Do not break into another player’s home if the doors are locked. If the door is locked, it is considered a private area and can not be entered without permission. If the door is not locked, then it is considered public. Even if you replace everything and do not intend to steal, this still constitutes a form of greifing. If you ask, most players would be happy to show you around.
  4. Do not share accounts. We realize this might put some users in a bad spot, but this is for your protection as well as ours; if someone you share an account with has been greifing, you will get the blame for it because we cannot distinguish between end users, only the username that is in the wrong.
  5. Do not engage in Player versus Player unless both parties agree to it. We do not mind if you want to kill each other, however there are a few things to keep in mind if you do:
    1. Go to the PVP Arena
    2. Make sure an admin knows it is mutual
    3. Do not involve any bystanders
    4. Do not whine at an admin if you lose
    5. If you win, don’t take the other player’s stuff
  6. Do report anything untoward, such as:
    1. Griefing
    2. People acting suspicious
    3. Bullying

General Server Norms

  1. This is a survival server. Do not ask for creative, fly or any other special treatment. Having said that, if you have proven yourself to be a good builder, and want to make something for the server, then we can discuss it.
  2. This is also a co-operative server. If you need something, just ask. Most people will be happy to help. However, do not beg for items; you will most likely be ignored.
  3. There is a massive item shop at Spawn for those of you too lazy to get items yourself.
  4. Ask before building near another player; it’s polite, and they may have plans for that spot you’re about to put your house on.
  5. Always replant crops, and ask before you shear your neighbour’s sheep, or milk their cows. Again, it’s just polite.
  6. Don’t ask to be an Admin. We already have 5, it’s not gonna happen.


Every new player starts out at Noob status, and will progress through Casual, Regular and finally to VIP after a set amount of time. Be aware that any time you are AFK this will not count towards your play time. Each rank has extra goodies associated with it as well. Using /timeleft will tell you how much longer you have until the next rank.


All Noob’s chat names are in aqua, and will progress to Casual after 60 minutes of gameplay. In addition to the basic gameplay, this rank allows you to:

  • Use the ‘Away from Keyboard’ command
  • Request help from an admin
  • View the message of the day and the rules
  • Set your bed as your home
  • Use the back command. This takes you back to where you were right before you die – use carefully around lava
  • Teleport straight to spawn
  • Use lockette to lock your chests and doors
  • Use warps
  • See how much time you have left to reach your next rank
  • Allow or deny a teleport request
  • Quickly chop trees down
  • Check your balance using a sign, and use trade signs


All Casual’s chat names are in green, and will progress to Regular after 2 days (2880 minutes) of gameplay. In addition to everything in the previous rank, this rank allows you to:

  • Use the mail commands to send and read in-game mail
  • Set and delete one home
  • Use sell and buy signs (but not create or remove them)
  • Pay another player from your balance
  • Check your balance using the balance command
  • Request to teleport to someone, or request they teleport to you


All Regular’s chat names are in yellow, and will progress to VIP after 2 weeks (20160 minutes) of gameplay. In addition to everything in the previous ranks, this rank allows you to:

  • Set and delete up to 3 homes
  • Create and destroy trade signs
  • See other players’ balances
  • Use the sell command to sell to the server
  • Use (but not create or break) the following signs: time change, weather change, repair and heal.
  • Teleport to others, and others to you, without needing their permission


All VIPs chat names will be in red. This rank is the last available to standard players. In addition to everything in the previous ranks, this rank allows you to:

  • Keep what experience points you have when you die
  • Set and delete up to 5 homes
  • Create and destroy the following signs: sell, buy and repair
  • Teleport to any XYZ coordinate
  • Set and delete warps
  • Use the commands: fly, compass, and depth

Please be advised, if we catch you abusing any of these privileges, they will be revoked. By reaching VIP status, you are assumed to be an upstanding member of the community. If you prove yourself otherwise we will come down hard on you.

Server Plugins


Lockette is a plugin we use to help you lock your chests, doors, enchanting tables and forges. To use it on a chest, simply right click the chest with the sign in your hand and it will be locked. If you want to add another user, right click the sign and use /lockette 3 (username). In order to use lockette on other things, such as doors, place the sign on the ground in front of the item and type [private] and hit done. The sign will snap to the item and automatically put your name in for you. If you want more advanced lockette commands, see this handy video.

Home Commands

If you want to be able to automatically go back to your house if you stray too far, there is the /home command. Please see the ranks for how many homes you can set. To set your home, stand where you want to be brought back to and use /sethome (name). To return thereafter simply use /home (name). To delete a home use /delhome (name).


In order of availability, the teleport commands are as follows:

  • /back is used to take you back to where you were before you teleported, say to the site of your death.
  • /tpa (name) is used to request to teleport you to someone else.
  • /tpahere (name) requests that someone come to you.
  • /tpaccept or /tpyes is used to accept a teleport request, whether it be for you to go somewhere, or for someone to come to you. Conversely, /tpdeny or /tpno disallows the request.
  • /tp (name) allows you to go to a player without needing their permission.
  • /tppos is used to teleport to any xyz coordinate

Region Guard

Region Guard is a plugin the admins use to protect certain areas, usually landmark buildings such as the Radio Tower. However, if you feel you have a good reason to request a region guard on your building, talk to one of the admins and they’ll see what they can do.


This is a plugin that allows you to make saddles, name tags and horse armour. See the image below for the recipes.

Horsecraft recipes

Sign Shops

Sign shops have four different sign types:

  • Balance
  • Trade
  • Sell
  • Buy

Please see the ranks list for the signs you can create.

Balance signs are used to help you keep track of how much cash you have, if you do not have access to the /balance command. Our unit of currency is the Radio Arrows (»). The top limit is 10,000,000,000,000.

Sell and Buy signs allow you to sell or buy to and from the server. This is useful for getting rid of unwanted excess items like seeds, and getting hold of items difficult or unusual items like diamonds. To sell, hold the item to sell in your hand and right click the sign, and to buy, make sure you have enough money in your account, and right click the sign with an empty hand.

Trade signs are the most commonly used signs, and are used to trade with other players. To create one use the syntax:

  • line 1: [trade]
  • line 2: >price (:0 will be auto-completed)
  • line 3: batch-amount itemid:sale-amount
  • line 4: (your username will be auto-completed)

For example, for DruidX to sell 10 stone blocks (item ID 1), in batches of 5, for *0.50, she would write on the sign:


If it is done correctly it should look like:


You’ll know when someone has bought something from you, as the second line will have an amount after the colon, and the amount you put out to sell, on the third line, will have decreased. For example, if someone bought 1 quartz block from Kr0t1k, his trade sign would look like this:


To collect your money from the sign, simply right click it, and it will be added to your own balance. To add more items to the sign to sell, hold the items in the correct multiple in your hand and right click the sign. As soon as it becomes available, we will be adding the function to sell property, but in the meantime you can use the the /pay command to move cash from one account to another

Places and Quests

There are a number of quests available for you to try your hand at, as well as a few places of interest. You can either use the warp signs at spawn or use the warp command to get there.


Endfort: This will take you to a stronghold where you can gain access to the End
Flowers: This will take you to a flower forest. Be sure to spread bonemeal for the next person
Greenedge: This will take you to the main town, GreenEdge Plains. From here you can use the rail or road system to get just about anywhere.
Witherroom: This is a preprepared room in the nether, coated with bedrock, for you to spawn a wither safely in
Statues: Come see VikingZZZ’s statues of prominent players
Pvparena: If you want to murder your friends, we recommend you do it here.


These are the current available quests, however we’ll always been adding more, so keep an eye on the list.