During yesterday’s G3 Originals show, we discussed the current state of the station.


There is the link to the full show podcast, but the discussion starts around 1 hour in and lasts for about 30 mins if you want to skip to the pertinent part.

I had prepared a report, which you can read here, but the basic TL;DR is we did very very poorly in 2014 compared to other years. Listeners, website page views, donations and staff were all down. In January last year we made a list of things we wanted to get fixed, but only managed about a quarter of the tasks.

If we want to make 2015 a far better year we need to have a serious look at what we’re doing, what we want, and generally need a motivational kick up the arse. So, to start things off, I’ve made a Listener Survey. If you’re interested in guiding the direction of the station and providing your views, please take 5 mins to fill it out. As always, if you want to share ideas and suggestions in general, you can e-mail us at info@g3-radio.net.

In the mean time, we’ll be pouring over the results and let you know by the end of the month were we’re aiming for in the year ahead.

The G3 Originals are minus Lorcian for 2 shows and are let loose unsupervised in the studio. We talk about what games we’ve been playing recently and include some gaming news. We hold a picture competition in which contestants must draw/paint what could possibly go wrong in the studio without Lorcian (these can be seen on our twitch stream. Drawing Competition


As we prepare for I51 at the Ricoh Arena we actually talk about games (shocking) and are joined first by Nighteyes and later by Ryoko and Antonia.

The acting school script (Trainspotting) was provided by Elementalgirl who also donated £15 to the station.

This weeks pub quiz was a short and sweet affair with only 3 questions and was won by MrPotz by answering all questions correctly.


This may be one of our best shows to date (at least since we returned). We proved that darkelink is Special with the easiest pub quiz everrrr. Stingraywings won a pizza in the G3 talent show and will share it with Elementalgirl. With the acting there was more success as Elementalgirl correctly guess the movie we “almost” expertly acted.