Hi everybaaady! (Hi Dr. Nick! (you know how this works)). I’ve got a *treat* for you; here’s the last two weeks of rambling and music from Wriga and I on our show (Effectively) Step Brothers! At some point Wriga will get his arse in gear and upload the 4 months worth that came before these, but we’ll see. Anyway, enjoy as always and don’t forget to tune in Thursday 6-8pm (UK) for more!  ~MQ


Another in our weekly spotlight series on things being built on our creative server provided thanks to C-oPs Game Host.

This week, we’re looking at the arena as built by MasterQueef. He’s been wanting to build a competitive Red vs Blue arena for some time, and it’s been a slow process but he’s finally done it!

Below is an overview from the tops of both team’s bases, looking over the field of battle. I particularly like that some of the pools drop through the world…

arena1 arena2

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